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What our travelers think

Alina Malinka Mura

Hi everyone my name is Alina I live in US, but I'm originally from Russia  Amazon Wildlife tours had and did a phenomenal job on picking me up from a hotel in Quito and dropping me off at Coca as well as visiting a Guami Cave on the way to Coca which was absolutely gorgeous beautiful place absolute most visit, the company is really good the guide is very knowledgeable and professional so highly recommend

Cristina Paulet

Hi my name is Christina I'm from Romania and today I had a great experience I

visited the caves of Guam and if you like the adventure and the nature I

really recommend this place for you

Denis Tarakanov

how are you today we had an amazing trip from Kito all the way down to ca don't get scared 5 and a half hours the drive is amazing we stopped at the Guami Cavern went down the cave, really cool experience, water is warm you know not like one of those cold caves that you may have seen somewhere else but anyway Javier was our driver really cool guide just a really awesome day we it had

Emanuel & Maja

Hola I'm Emmanuel I'm from Austria, I just did a three days tour to the Amazon from Coca with Javier and it was really great super exciting and I enjoyed it a lot can recommend it to everybody. Hi I'm Maya from Germany and we did the two together for 3 days and it was really nice and had a great experience and we love the amazonas can recommend it

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