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Yasuní Adventure

Discover nature's untamed magic 3 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS
From $590

Day 1: Yasuni Jungle Discovery

  • Morning:Arrive in the Kichwa community of Paspanchu within the Yasuni National Park's buffer zone.
    Check-in to comfortable rooms with private bathrooms.
    Start with a guided jungle walk to explore the rich biodiversity of the rainforest, focusing on medicinal plants, fruit and cocoa trees, insects, butterflies, and amphibians.

  • Afternoon:Return to the community for a delicious lunch.
    Continue the adventure by embarking on a boat trip along the path of the Anaconda to reach the massive Ceibo tree. Your knowledgeable guide will share the tree's myths and legends.
    Along the way, you'll observe monkeys and various bird species.
    Try your hand at piranha fishing and look out for caimans.

Day 2: Añangu Canopy and Cultural Exploration

  • Morning:Enjoy an early breakfast.
    Hop aboard a motorized canoe to reach the community of Añangu.

  • Activities:Climb a 40-meter tall canopy observation tower in Yasuni National Park to admire the Amazon Rainforest and Andes Mountains.
    Visit parrot and parakeet clay licks to see colorful parrots and macaws.
    With luck, witness wild pig and other wildlife during this spectacle.

  • Afternoon:Visit the community center of the indigenous community of Pilche to experience their culture and purchase local handicrafts made from jungle-sourced materials.
    Savor a traditional Amazonian dish, "Maito de Pescado," for lunch.

  • Evening:Embark on a short, guided night walk to spot nocturnal animals in the surrounding rainforest.
    Enjoy dinner and relax in your accommodations.

Day 3: River Exploration and Cultural Insights

  • Morning:Begin the day with an early breakfast.
    Embark on a canoe trip to visit the islands along the Napo River, offering opportunities to spot birds and monkeys.

  • Activities:Visit the CICAME Museum at the Center for Cultural Research of the Ecuadorian Amazon, where you can learn about the cultures that inhabited the Napo River and see buried vestiges. Your guide can modify this activity based on your interests.

  • Afternoon:Board a public canoe for the return journey to Coca, with an estimated arrival time of 16:00 - 17:00.

  • Evening:It is recommended that you book your return flights to Quito for the next day.

End of the Trip:

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